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Not saying Banana-Say Matoke market

Gambar sisip 1Uganda is probably the banana basket of East Africa. There are many types of bananas, that there is a general name for no banana in the local language. Here is an introduction to some types of banana from Uganda.

The King of bananas in Uganda is surely matoke market. Matoke market term is a generic name for a family of banana that are similar in features. Matoke market bananas is a small, green banana that grows well on large clusters. Is a banana in the kitchen. Matoke market ripe bananas are also edible-as a last resort, rather than throwing them away.

Matoke market tastes better bananas peeled and steamed in banana leaves. Develops a rich yellow color. Matoke market also good taste toasted, as a snack.

Soft neutral taste and is ideal as an accompaniment to fish, meat, peanuts, vegetables and sauces.

Although the matoke market has a reputation for not being particularly nutritious, is very popular. It is often preferred to the cornmeal bread (posho), millet flour bread (kalo), rice, or boiled cassava, sweet potato, Yam root or arrow. However, since it is expensive is matoke market often served with one or more of the above.

Matoke market price is one of the most reliable reflections of the socio-economic realities. While 20% of inflation may seem abstract to many, the same information, has declared as the increase in the price of a bunch of matoke market from two thousand shillings to twenty thousand shillings, gives immediate significance and understanding the business State.

Other popular banana is the bogoya. The bogoya is a long curve, rather elegant, yellow banana. The fruit is a banana bogoya, eating yellow and sweet as a snack.

Menvu is the name of a banana short (finger length), very yellow and very sweet. And then we isomwenge, that is only suitable for banana beer.

As well as a lot of red and yellow bananas, that cannot be eaten raw or ripe, but it must be roasted or boiled in their skins.

As menvu and bogoya bananas are often sold in markets or on the street. Matoke market is serious and has entire sections devoted to it in many markets. Many places along the way to eat roast even bananas with sweet potato and cassava as take-away snacks for hungry travellers.

If ever you walk along a stand in Uganda, or in the market, we cannot say just bananas. Matoke market you have to say. Or bogoya. Or menvu.


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